VA - Integration in the cave

The new VA "Integration in the cave" from Rajas records, which is based in Japan, is out now!!
Check it out and enjoy listening!!

 1. UBARTMAR - Ghost Ghost
 2. COSMOSIS  - Moonshine (Imba rmx)
 3. JIKOOHA - We Are Acid Punx
 4. ASTEROIDNOS - Silent Baba
 5. JIVATMAN - Bloodmoon
 6. TOMOCOMO - Cosmic Ocean
 7. JAGO - Psychogenesis
 8. K.U.R.O. - Acropolis
 9. UBARTMAR - Eejyanaika (Joujoka rmx)
 10. QUIPTONEBEATZ - Telepathy As Electric Element
 12. SGR, NISSHY - Sermon
 14. JUSTINCASEBOY - Lemonbeer, Tequilla
 15. JANGARAMONGARA - So I Do Much Work Anymore
 16. SUKE - Dodonpa
 17. FATAL DISCORD - Edge Of The Leaf
 18. SUKE - Drop Of Magic




The 2nd compilation album release from underground trance music label Rajas Recordswhich is inaugurated from the club CAVE located in "Subculture town" Koenji in Tokyo.Dark side is for freaks who love underground-core sound by domestic and overseas artistsand Light side is packed with tracks from Goa / Psy Trance moguls like a K.U.R.O, Ubar tmar,Jikooha and cosmosis and other artists.All tracks are conscious about dance floor groove.This is no doubt the album that invites to different dimension space!



VA – Goamystica Vol. 1 (Mystic Sound Records, 2015)

New Goa trance VA from Mystic Sound Records is already released!!
We are so glad to be a part of this wonderful album and it is a great honor.
Enjoy listening and feel the new goa vibes all over the world!!

01. Maiia303 – Great Spirit
02. Imba & Jagoa – Unidentified Flying Spores
03. Space Elves – Trance India Express
04. Fiery Dawn – Feelings
05. OXI vs Ancient Vision – Balkania
06. Afgin – Nothing Is Over (John Rambo)
07. Jikooha – Going Forward
08. Somnesia – The Flight Of Horus
09. Cactus Arising – Changes
10. KhetzaL – Damocles
11. Main Sequence Star – Low Earth Orbit

Available worldwide:

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VA - Nu GoA from Japan vol.2 (Matsuri Digital)

MATSURI is back!!
New compilation from MATSURI, Yuta's compilation "Nu GoA from Japan vol.2" will be released in mid-March.

Our track "Mind Trippers" is also included in it and we are so happy and proud to be there!!

Track List
1. SLUM & YUTA / BLACK&GREEN (Original)
2. Asteroidnos / BLACK&GREEN (Deep Remix)
3. Asteroidnos / BLACK&GREEN (Acid Remix)
4. JIU / Liquid of Gaia
5. Asteroidnos & YUTA / Andromeda
6. JIKOOHA & YUTA / Mind Trippers
7. MASA / Rising Thunder
8. Asteroidnos / Ascension
9. Guusun / Watashidare MASA Remix

This album will be sold at CD shops and online shops Beatport & iTunes - physical disc with limited version will be sold at Bandcamp after 3.14!
Stay tuned!