Schedule 2020

★1/1  Koenji Cave presents Countdown 2018-2019@Koenji Cave
★2/9  Funky Gong x Tsuyoshi Suzuki "Double Release Party" Co:Fusion (Jun Jikooha x Tomocomo Rock DJ set)
★3/30  PsychotoroBeatCYLON Jikooha Growth Of Psychedelics Release Party@COA
★4/13-14  山魂祭 mountain spirit festival 2019 with Suntrip records 15th anniversary world tour in Japan@Somewhere
★4/20  HAPPY 420 ॐ Spring GOA trance party ॐ@Koenji Cave
★5/5  Koenji cave Afternoon tea party-わんちゃんと一緒午後のお茶会-@Koenji Cave (Jun Jikooha Acid House DJ set)
★6/1  Forever Psychedelic Ⅲ ~ Tsuyoshi Suzuki 6 hours ~ Deck Wizards@Koenji Cave (Jun Jikooha Rock DJ set)
★6/15  Funland Disco 20th@Koenji Cave
★6/29  JIKOOHA NIGHT!@Koenji Cave
★8/24-25  Daze Maze Open Air 2019@Somewhere
★9/8  Be Humanized - FUNKY GONG 3rd Album Release Party@GALAXY - gingakei
★9/14-16  Clematis@Somewhere in Kanto (Jun Jikooha Freestyle DJ set)
★11/2  TRYP ~うばるたまるはいぱあ~@Koenji Cave (Jun Jikooha Acid House DJ set)
★11/30   Koenji Cave 10 Years Anniversary feat. Tsuyoshi Suzuki@Koenji Cave (Jun Jikooha Rock DJ set)

★1/11  ゴアトランス新年会 ॐ Nu Year Goa Trance Party 2020 ~Return 2 the Source~@Koenji Cave
★3/28 T.B.A@Niigata

Schedule 2019

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